September 3rd, 2004


I dont know her name. If I met her it is probable we would not understand each other. She is young enough that she probably has not learned a foriegn language and I have never learned russian. Our worlds are different, though I suspect she likes hamburgers and coke just like me. And disturbingly she looks like a Pyro angel. All of these things occur to me as I look at the picture of this little girl in russia. I can see the horror in her eyes and it haunts me. the blood covers her face and a cross is held in her hand. Can she hear the others who died? Can she smell the blood and gunfire? Will she always see it when she closes her eyes?

Over 200 people are dead. As near as the reports say most of them are children. Killed in a Gym filled with mines and and explosive booby traps. I dont know how to frame this in my mind. I know of the history between Russia and Chechen's, but somehow this streches beyond that. No prelude makes this right. I dont know how to think about this but i am affraid i shall dream of it.