September 17th, 2004

(no subject)

In the back and forth world of my work I am getting a bit irritatted. First they were firing us so they could send our jobs to the philipines. Then they said wait we have another contract and bellsouth wants to keep you guys around to take escelations anyway. Then this week they said so sorry we were wrong, we will not be needing your services after all only about 10 of you will be kept perm and the rest we will help you file unemployment. Interestingly enough if i get the rules on unemployment right i will be bringing in almost as much as I made before, course that is do to no insurance. Any ways I have signed up with a temp service and I have a interview next week. I will be bringing in money still to pay bills at new apartment Yay!, but it is just so damn frustrating to be jerked around so much. Also I am here on my final night and it is just plain depressing. You look around and see folks you have worked with for a year and you may not see them again ever. All in all an unpleasent evening.