October 14th, 2004

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I was listening to Will Wheaton giving a speach today on a streaming audio site today. I found his comments rang true. He covered some basic notions like why should one be ashamed of being a geek. I know i am not ashamed of it. I have been a geek since i was kid. maybe I am not a archetypal geek. One of the oddest and coolest compliments i ever recieved was from a friend who once declared"You dont fool me! You are not a geek! You should be living in New York, high on heroin, and writing poetry!" I know it sounds odd but trust me it is a compliment. But she was wrong. I am a geek and you know i like being a geek. I may be able to enjoy things outside of geekdom(poety, jazz, film, ect....), but I am still a full bore geek who spends his weekends gaming and conciders it not a waste of my talent to do a good scene at a larp. Sure I am bothered that I dont write as much as i once did and i regret not keeping up with some of the things i had a talent for, but in know way is that the fult of me being a geek.

He also covered the importance of letting go of bad choises. This is something I think I have had problems with and others i know have had issues with letting go of the past. I probably always will let my mistakes play through my head like a not so funny blooper reel, but one should not dwell to much on their own stupid mistakes. They may miss the good they do in the process. You can spend your life punishing yourself or you can move on and find something to be happy about.

All in all listening to Wil was a un thoughtful experience and I may track down his book and read it sometime
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