November 2nd, 2004


well write now there is now clear winner as i look at the news sites. It probably will not be straightened out til the wee hours of the morning. Unfortunately I cant stay up to watch as i am going to work in the morning. I know what i want. I want there to be a clear winner in the morning. I want the next four years of this country's highest office to be not held by a man who thinks god told him he should invade iraq. I want to have a president who is not the most hated in over a century amoung the nations of the world. I want to think maybe we might not do something else stupid in the worlds biggest hotbed. I want someone who thinks maybe outsourcing is not good for america in office for a while. I want to think maybe i wont have to worry about a society of surveilance being encouraged. I want a clear seperation of church and state. You know, like the constitution says. I dont want religious morays legislated.

Thats what I want, but i dont always get what i want do I?

Oh well as i go to bed I will hope for a better day tommorow.