November 20th, 2004

no power in the verse

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Well it has been a while hasn't it.

Where am i suppose is the question to begin with. I am living with some fellow geek roomies still in knoxville. We have neighbors who also are fellow gamer geeks. Good people really and I am glad to know them. I do sometimes feel like i am a bit out of place being a bit more jaded and cynicle than the folks i live with these days, but then again I worry about things i shouldn't all the time.

As to work I am working at a Credit card company and doing the get up in the morning thing. Which is actually prooving to be a bit of an issue. I am having problems changing my sleep cycle. For so long I have been a night person convincing my body to stay awake on the morning is a bit of strain. Making matters worse I have been having problems sleeping anyway. I wake up every 2 hours or so. I probably have sleep apnia and therefore am not getting good sleep as is. When i took stuff to help me slep it lingers to much and I am sluggish for a full day. TRying to ballance meds and having a cold made me really sick yesterday so I had to leave work early. I will get this undercontrol because simply put I have no choise, but it is a worry.

Family coming in this coming week for the whole thanksgiving family get together thing. My brother lives in Edmonton Canada and my mom lives in Cambridgeshire England area. Need less to say we dont see each other often. Thanksgiving is our big holiday to get togeter everyyear with my grandparents place. If we can avoid talking politics it should be fun.

I am looking forward to christmas party in the big ATL being hosted by close friends. The falls on my birthday so double celebrate is what I say.

Well there is an update, I am going to try and comment more often to help my sanity if nothing else.

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