November 25th, 2004

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So I am a little calmer now. I am about to crash but I thought i would come on and say I am okay. The lady who called me told me only the management wanted me fired and did not elaborate nor did I ask. I was a bit shocked and thinking to ask didn't come to me. Going to spend the next few with the grandfolks as mom and tim and my brother and his wife are in town. Doing the family thanksgiving thing.

I will post tommorrow but I hope everyone has a good thanksgiving.

yours truely
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It is time to give thanks.

It is hard to say what I am more thankful for. I have some amazing friends and family. I am especially thankful to know the wonderful and wide assortment of amazing people I do know. I have to may to list. I hope they all know how important they are to me. My life occassionally has strayed to certain levels of suck but the people in it have always made me happy to endure if only for the company.

I love you all.

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