December 7th, 2004


goblinkatie, will always be my little sister. I met her at my first SI event years ago and she just became my little sister. She is beautiful and funny and smart. Men fall in love with her when she smiles at them. Beyond all that is a kindness and a gentle way with those you care about that makes her on of my favorite people.

as to the Bad, first off her she needs to stop knocking herself all the time. She is just as smart and as beautiful as the people I hear her compare herself to. She is constantly talking about how she needs to loose weight or be smarter, niether of these things are needed. Beyond her occassional putting herself down, I have to say her love life in the past has made me angry. Not that she was being a bad person, but I felt like she was letting her self be abused(no not physically) to maintain a relationship. I have close to wanting to bea senceless some of her former boyfriends.

Overall the negatives are negatives because i care what happens to her. Goblinkatie is as I said my adopted little sister and i would do anything to make her smile, even if it meant driving another 1000 miles.

doctors visit

Went to my general physician in years and years. After talking breifly he is getting me scheduled for a sleep study( after first checking if insurance will cover it). He spent some time scraping my feet and is have my blood work done up. Overall I like this guy.

He is quick to go to work and doesn't make you feel bad about stuff you already know(like being overwieght). He simply says okay lets start here4 and see what we can do.