December 9th, 2004

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I have just downloaded a file sharing program in it's beta called Grouper from It is a peer to peer download program that unlike Kaazza or other networks only works for specific people on your list. I set up a shared fouder and anyone on my list can download from it and people who are not cant. Anyways I am looking to try this out with folks and i was wondering if anyone on my friends list would be interested in giving it a try. I have a fair number of tv shows in my collection and some other files along those lines as well as a large number of comic files, so it might be worht the time to try it out. It strikes me as an excellent way to relay large files to friends when email is not a good option and sending over im is tedious.


pickmansraven is one of the folks i dont see enough of anymore. Charming and funny he observes more than most and keeps it to himself. I can remember a time when he was one of a few that caught on to some of the things I did at larps and told no one.He is always open and friendly and even when we disagree it is a fun thing.

As to the bad, I have observed things second hand that i wasn't to happy with Nero. I can say that I think he is one of those people who will sometimes avoid saying things to avoid a fight or conflict, when really they should be out in the open.

That being said, I have to say I am glad to see him when ever he is around. He has a quick mind and a quick wit and are one of the more pleasant people I have ever hung out with. I am proud to call him an old friend(one might say ancient)