December 27th, 2004

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Okay a couple of things of interest kids. First off I am like most folks watching the things in south asia right now and thinking on the sheer power and ruthlessness of nature. I am sad to predict that when the final count of dead goes up from not just the initial killed but the ones lost to disease as well it will top 40,000. There have been a few wars I could think of with less of a death count. Speaking of wars and death count, there has been a war in SriLanka for so long that one of the hazards in clean up is the number of LAND MINES displaced in the wave.

Oh and for another cheerful note....

we got one up to a rating 4 on the Torrino scale kids. A 1 in 40 chance of hitting the earth. with the force of something like 1900 megatons. If it hits the ocean we will see a repeat of what happened in south asia. Of course this will be in 2029 so we have a little time, but that is conceivably in my life time and the life times of most of my friends. Sadly there is no plan or facility for stopping a 1300 ft across hunk of iron from hitting us at something like 5 kilometers a second. If one is not come up with someday we will find not just a serious maybe but a definate yes this will us rock and we will get to be spectators to global catastrophy.

Oh well enough doom and gloom,

I am at work at good old Clientlogic. Right now taking activation calls for Virgin Mobile. If any of you have used them tell me how they are as I am getting one as a bonus for helping. I start my regular assignment the 3rd.

I met with the sleep specialist and he has scheduled a night to watch me sleep so he can determine if what he expects is true. He expects to find sleep apnia. If so it is likely i will have a CPAP machine. The good news is generally those machines supposedly work. Oh well back to trenches kids. See ya.


ps. I am working on an outline for a movie script. Does anyone know how to write a movie script?