January 26th, 2005


So to briefly review.

I got my CPAP machine last week which would be cause for celebration except I was sick all last week. Aparrently it doesn't work so well while I have a head chest cold. Overall though now that I am not sick any longer it fuctions well. I am not nearly as sluggish as i used to be. I have more energy and feel better. On the other hand i will never be a morning person. I have not had the vivid dreams i was told to expect yet or at least i dont remember them. I did wake up once though in the middle of the night with a tremendously odd feeling which i will not even begin to describe.

I am out of training at work and spending my days telling people no we wont pay for the auto repairs. What fun.

In other news i am going to try rejoining the Camarilla. To those of you dying of shock I salute you.