February 2nd, 2005

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So I met for the first the Camarilla folks up here in knoxville. First off impression was these folks are really very neat. Friendly and open people with good sences of humor. The first Requiem game is not this weekend but next and I need to make a charicter. Apparently they got rid of the rock papaer sissors system and replaced it with some sort of card system. I have yet to see how it plays out but hey it sounds interesting and more closely aligned to the tabletop flow of things. They are very proud of there changeling game. Sadly though it falls on the same day as the SI 1 day so i will miss changeling this month. I may be able to recruit some of these folks to come play SI as they seemed curious about it. It also turns out we know people in common.

Ah well on to other matters. I have discovered while the cpap helps it is harder for me to get asleep with it. It just takes longer for me to go out.

oh well back to the grindstone with me.
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