March 3rd, 2005

plug time.

So i will probably be posting more things rolling in my head over the whole sci fi larp after work. Till then i will kindly refer any one with an interest in expanding your gaming horizons to track down comic_monkey's game Dawning star. He has really done a good job on it. Mankind finding themselves refuges from their destroyed world finds a new world and makes it their home. It is really detailed and well done.

okay the next set of notions

so here are a few more basic notions to the idea roling through my head. Basic rules I would follow in fleshing out.

1) There is no utopia. As a related point the world has not gone completely to crap either. In the future of my envisioning the world continues much the way it often has. There are governments made up of people. Some of them are good. Some of them are bad. There are poor and there are rich. The sheer level in difference may be more evident though. Lets face it if you can afford to have your genetic code resequenced so often or beable to fly away in your own space craft, well lets ssay that the earthly concerns more distant. But your average joe still looks for ways to get paid and put food on the table. Powerful corperations exist in this future that own entire worlds where they paid to have them teraformed and all the infrastructure built. Others were settled in more slow fashion and are government controlled. The world our heroes live on has it's colony financed by a corporation.

2)Interstellar travel will be more a result of a discovered fluke in the universe than by warp drives. Points in space when the proper field is applied open up worm holes. These wholes when proper understood allow instanious travel to another one of these way points in space. When in normal space reaction drives still move ships and at relatively slow speeds. It still takes months to travel from one end of the solar system to the other. better than the 21st century to be sure but it still means normal science has restraint.