April 4th, 2005

more to come later but for now......

Sunday was fun if somewhat tiring as we did the packet party which started a little after noon and ran till after 10pm. We made somewhere on the order of 2400 packets between us. Much goobing was had by all.

Saturday after a weding of a friend I went to see Sin City. I am having a difficult time describing this film. I can say it was one of the most powerfully visual films I have seen in a long time and is easily the most original film I have seen in some time. The charicters were Iconic tough guys and the women were strong and beautiful. Go see this film if you have not. A word of warning this is not a film for kids......ever. It is brutal.

I am on my second week of doing slim fast on the week days. I am doing it for lunch and breakfast and eliminating softdrinks from my daily. I cheat some on the weekends but I am much more active on the weekends. I am also drinking alot more water. And for extra fun I am begining to start walking with hoshiadam.