April 6th, 2005

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So a quick update.

I have been doing the slim fast thing for a week and a half now and well i still feel a desire to freak out and eat everything but so far resisting the worst of it. I have been walking with Hoshadam and his lovely wife in the afternoons. Sadly as i am doing dinner with grandparents tonight I may have to be late on the walking. Work is frustrating. If I had a better offer or even a same level offer in a better enviroment I would leave. Recently downloaded a miniseries that was done for the bbc called supervolcano about the possability of the caldera volcano under yellowstone going BOOM!!! It is a pretty good disaster flick really were the intelligence of the watcher is not insulted as you watch. I will watch the second part tonight after the "shows". Also working on the fifth book in the wheel of time series. It is okay but I am not liking it as much as the previous.

Oh well the grindstone doth call me again.

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