April 25th, 2005

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I blame aveareya

Name three crossroads that decidedly changed your life and how they changed it. Put this in your journal.

1)Going to my first SI event with carnivorax. I was instantly hooked. I had a new and interesting community of people to meet. I met the people who are now apart of my family. They helped me through hard times and keep my spirit light even today.

2)My fathers death. Something broke in me. My mind just doesn't work the same way any more. It changed my focus. I set my dreams to the side for a while so I can straighten out my life. Still a work in progress though.

3)Getting a job at earthlink. Believe it or not this one is a change. I was homeless at the time and i was directed to earthlink to try and get a job while I was in atlanta visiting friends. It gave the financial ability to pull my self back up. I may have stumbled a couple of times climbing the hill, but thats when i started the climb.

this is not all of course but it is a few.

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okay I am pretty damn depressed right now. I lost my bow at the event and as of yet no one has turned up with it. It is a nice bow and cost me more than a hundred bucks. Also today when i got home I discovered that something forgotten had reached up and bit me on the ass. Stupid student loan ate my tax return so I am about 900 less income that I thought i would get. I am not hurting for money right now but I am at the lets hope nothing bad happens place.

I was actually going to right some tonight but I am to depressed to right what i want so I going to skip it.


I hope tomorrow is better.
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