June 2nd, 2005

daydream believer

So I like most people have a list of "If I win the lottery things" I want. Playing the lottery is like buying permission to think of such things. A bargain really for a dollar.

On this list of course is a permanent larp site. I am a good geek after all. Beyond that I had a notion of doing a chain of stores in the states like http://www.forbiddenplanet.com/index2.html these stores in england.

lately I have added to more items to my list of things to get.

first is an actual castle from these people http://www.castlemagic.com/color.html
I mean really how can you not love a castle in the smokey mountains.

and as to a car I had knocked about the idea of getting one of these http://www.mbusa.com/brand/models/SL600R.jsp
but I will admit Laurie provided the most convincing argument for getting one.

oh well I need to go to work but I thought I would post some day dreams first.

mystery machine

So the BBC news website had this article.


It has a list of mysteries yet unsolved. Apparently the emergence of the real "deep throat" led to this musing. Anyways i picked out my favorite mysteries on the list.

This one i love just cause i am a geek.

The 7th Earl of Lucan vanished in November 1974, a day after the murdered body of his children's nanny, Sandra Rivett, was found at his London home.
Over the years numerous people have claimed sightings of the aristocrat, whose body has never been found.
The investigation reopened last year, with detectives examining existing police evidence and using new DNA techniques to try to solve the case.

This one is just kind of cool to me. The notion of a magic trick shrouded in mystery is neat.

American magician Harry Blackstone Jr is thought of as one of the greatest ever.
His 1977 version of the Floating Light Bulb, first performed by his father, is regarded by many magicians as perhaps the best illusion ever performed.
The lit bulb appeared to defy gravity by levitating above the audience.
There are modern versions of the trick, complete with instructions, but perhaps only Blackstone's widow Gay, who was also his assistant, knows exactly how he did it.