June 27th, 2005

Maybe people really are just dumb

Okay the discovery channel announced that due to the votes of the general public they have discovered the greatest american in history to be... Ronald Reagan!


What the f*ck!

okay he seemed a nice enough guy and even if you agree with his politics, thought he was good for the economy, and believed him an excellent diplomat (which would require a complete detachment from reality but fine), but how could anyone put him beyond the likes of Ben Franklin and Martin Luther King. I mean come on.

I know the whole Conservative turn to society has done alot to rewrite history but please. How can people be that obtuse?

(no subject)

So this weekend was fun. The party was excellent. Carbo's is my kind of place. When I walk into the place and the guy is singing a Sinatra tune at the piano I know this is going to be my kind of place. The bartender was a good sort and knew his scotches and there for was high my list. The place apparently is normally filled with a remarkably older crowd. They seemed to be amused by all these kids.

People were dressed to the nines and the air had finally cooled down enough to stop being stifeling. One of the high points of the evening was Jay and suibhne dancing. There is something really nice about watching to people who know what their doing dance. They were enough make most everyone just stop and watch. The other high point was goblinkatie taking the mike and belting out a couple of torch songs. She may be a little embarrased but she has a beautiful voice and I loved listening to her singing "someone to watch over me".

Afterwards went to waffle house and sat down and talked to fireshaper87. She is a nice girl and I hadn't sat down and talked with her really before. She has a unique view of things for someone so young.

All in all a nice evening.


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