July 12th, 2005

(no subject)

So I went to the gym today. I recently joined the gym and this was my orientation. They weighed me and checked body fat percentage(embarasing that). Then came the amusing part. I am not sure what the trainer expected but he put me on the weight press where you press the bar out foward from you as you sit down. He wanted to know how many I could do in 2 minutes at 50lbs. I did 114. After the first minute he just sort of stared at me like he was a little confused. I dont know hwat he expected but that was clearly not it. I asked him if that was good? He just chuckled and said yeah that was good, that i aparently had some muscle and that I would hate myself in the morning. He is probably right. But I enjoyed it. He wants me on a weight training regiment three days a week and to work up to 40 minutes of cardio on those days as well. This should be interesting.