July 25th, 2005

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So I had a strange dream last night involving virtualmel. I have not seen her in over a year but I had an interesting dream about her last night.

Saturday i tried out the program Skype and talked to my mom in england with it. It is an awsome program that allows me to make IP phone calls for free to other users. I suggest other people try it out.

Also saturday i played Cam Changling as Mycroft Stewart, my troll and cam Forsaken as Victor Lomax, my wolf blood. Both games are run well buyt suffer from the problem of good running location. All in all though had much fun. Goobed after with friends.

Sunday was Dawning star and may get a post of it's own in a bit.

dawning star

The game sunday did not go as planned. A lot of it is my fault for not establishing better where they were and the distances they had traveled. The map that is on the website(which is cool looking) is deceptive. There is no way it can reflect the full size of the planet and people playing may be thrown off by that. The encounter with Vassi servents went as planned except for some bad die rolls. I am was amused and distressed a little by the in play conflict over "salvaging" some victims stuff. Some how the gun totting momma(Lara), ended up being the voice of morality. It was a little distressing cause it was threatening to pull the party apart. It should work out, but it is a little disconcerting. I think people are trying to find how they are supposed to fit together.

The next game is in 2 weeks.