August 11th, 2005

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I got this online and thought it facinating. It shows the past ten years of the net. !0 years ago is when the internet became a massive thing in the public and not just the province of just geeks.


On 9 August Netscape floats, ushering in a five-year boom. The $3bn flotation is the most spectacular in a series of commercial landmarks that includes the launch of (in July) and direct internet services from CompuServe (April) and AOL (October), which allow subscribers to the different services to exchange e-mails. But it is the mass availability of Netscape's user-friendly browser (launched in 1994) that brings the internet to ordinary people with PCs and Macs rather than specialists with Unix terminals.

* Annual fee introduced for the registration of domain names.

* Microsoft starts giving away Internet Explorer 1.0 with its Windows 95 operating system.

* RealAudio launched.

* The Vatican releases a web site.

* AltaVista search engine launched.

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