August 30th, 2005

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recently picked up Profit: the series on dvd at wallmart. You can also find it here...

I watched the show on its very short first run and I have to say it left an impression. In the first episode the protagonist, Jim Profit, kills two people(one of which is his father who he had failed to kill earlier by chaining him to a bed and setting him on fire!), sleeps with is junky stepmom, engineers the downfall of a few of his rivals using deciet and blackmail, and gets a secretary.

Thats the first episode. Also what can you say about a charicter who does all of that and then goes home to sleep in a cardboard moving box. This show is a primer on villainy and I now find myslef wanting to do a villain again.

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according to the guy I get my gas from this morning, he got a memo. The memo was from shell corporate. It stated in the next 2 days the whole sale price of gas will rise 30 to 50 cents. Get your gas today kids.