September 1st, 2005

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Last night I went to go see arsenic and Old lace. I have seen the play and of course the movie before. stagefreaky is working on the production staff and she got me a couple of tickets and for that I am thankful. This was an excellent production. The stage was really well done. The actors were very talented. I imagine them sitting around practicing their double takes till are honed to razor edge. My favorite charicter is of course Mortimer Brewster, the only "sane" member of the family. But all the actors due an excellent job. Dr. Einstien is especially good at doing a rip of Peter Lorry. All and all an excellent way to spend an evening. I should get out to the theater more often

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For those who want perhaps a first hand account.

This cat is in downtown New Orleans. Living life on the edge of oblivion it looks like. Still he is trudging through. I got to say this is one of those ones i wish I could meet someday. It takes real charicter to keep going sometimes.

AS to New Orleans, i wish I could be surprised by the news, but I am not. People either become strong or go to peices in these sort of things. There is very little in between.