September 16th, 2005

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Today in history....

1253 French Franciscan William of Rubrouck leaves the camp of Mongol leader Batu Khan on a great journey to Karakorum, the Mongol capital. His account of the trip became a classic of history and travel.

I blame veaya

Please tell us 20 random things about yourself. Keep track of how many minutes you take, and tag that many people to perform this exercise themselves.

1) My godfather is a blues and folk musician named James "SparkY" Rucker. He has been sent to do tours in europe by the smithsonian.

2) I was born and lived most of my live in Tennessee. I moved over a dozen times before I became an adult.

3) I once tried to kill myself but was unable to follow through. I now find the notion just dumb and cowardice.

4) I have never fallen in love with someone who returned it. I still believe i may someday.

5) I love to debate and argue. My dad and I used to do it all the time when i was a kid. It has made me appreciate reason all the more.

6) When I was young I wanted to be a soldier. This ended after my visit to fort knox for summer camp my freshman year.

7) Before I played Angus i never fired a bow.

8) My grandmother was a marine and my mom was a firefighter.

9) I visit my grndparents every week if i can and have dinner with them. They usually take it in trade for computer services.

10) I have only been at true peace two times I can remember. Once in the mountains. Once at the shore.

11) I was convinced at 16 that i would be dead at 30. Obviously this is wrong.

12) I only really hate to people in the world. Most of my anger never lingers. I do have a wide range of friends i do love as much as i love my own family.

13) I can never forgive my dad or myself. For how he died and how I left things before he died.

14) I have never met my natural father nor my older brother who was put up for adoption before i was born.

15) As sad as i seem and and I guess sometimes am, I am far more happy than people may think.

17) I wish I had stuck with acting after school.

18) as much as I love music of almost every stripe, I cant sing to save my soul.

19) I want to make my living as a tech. I dont like dealing with people in the sence of the mass general public. However for 4 years I have done just that.

20) I sometimes walk out into the rain to feel it. I get a charge of storms. The more powerful the better.

as to how long that took, it looks to be about 22 minutes.

as to who to tag
Ikara fox
Stage freaky
Thomas rhymer
mkillingworth(my mom)