September 20th, 2005

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my friend Cherie Priest(yes thats her real name)is a damn fine writer. Her debut novel has just been released again in a new edition. She writes southern gothic horor beautifully. I cant say enough good things about it. I dont read alot of the horror genre but I really did love this book. i am suggesting to anyone who I know who likes a well writen book should pick up a copy and read this.

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LJ Interests meme results

  1. babylon 5:
    Hm, Bab5 is easily one of the best writen scifi shows ever to air. I remember back in the day when discussions of the show hit the few online services before it came out. I appreciate the epic story to the show. And lets face it I am a geek.
  2. comics:
    Comic geek as well. No surprise there. I find comics to range from art form to popcorn fare. It is one of the early things I read. I developed a sizable vocabulary early on due to reading comics.
  3. d&d:
    Ah yes, my oldest hobby. I got my first set at the age of nine. Mainly because mom was tired of dealing with me borrowing her stuff. That was well over 22 years now. My hobby is old enough to drink.
  4. film noir:
    I love this genre of films. one of my favorite films of all time is the big sleep. Humphrey Bogart is my hero.
  5. gaming:
    I have done the full spectrum. I have done wargames(old school battletech) to dungeon crawls(various flavors of D&D) to deep role play (wraith) and everything in between. I love gaming. It is my poker night with the guys. It is my primary social venue in that I met almost all of my friends through gaming.
  6. kings gate:
    I have always loved this game. I think it is the best writen and delivered larp I have ever played in. The world is in depth and convincing.
  7. literature:
    I used to write poetry. While I read alot of sf and fantasy, I love to occassionally stop and read the classics.
  8. nero:
    Mortimer is my favorite charicter ever. I may not like the rules of Nero and I feel frustrated with it but I do love playing him with the people I played him with.
  9. rpgs:
    see above.
  10. shattered isles:
    My first contact larp. I have played it so long. The funny thing is my life has changed since starting to play. I met so many of the most important people in my world right now through this game. I will keep showing up as long as they have games.

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