September 22nd, 2005

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The world is not friendly to the individual. We may need them, but the world does not love them. Oh sure we have those few individuals here and there. You have your Ghandi, your Martin Luther King, and your Mark Twain. We have our few examples we love to point to and say that is an ideal individual. But when your talking about most individuals the world has no love for them. The world wants you to fit. The world wants easy decriptions and classifications. The world wants the same.

I look around and see the images pushed forward of what the world wants. You will listen to the music the world wants you to listen too. Top 40 tunes and corporately acceptable rebelion. The movies shall only be writen with formula's. The tv will be only things the companies find unthreatening. We will tell you that reality tv is cool until you belive it. You will buy the breakfast cereal, the shampoo, the car we tell you to. You will only be cool if you buy the ipod. You will fit nicely in either of the two parties. You will be told if you choose another party you are wasting your choice and are no longer relavent.

Original thought will be shunned. People who become to individual will called names. They will not get the promotion. They will not be on the Real World. Questions of any relavent and not preplanned nature will be met with scowls and rhetoric. Get the tatoo. Read poetry. Be a pagan. We have a catagory for you too. You are white, black, hispanic, asian, arabic, ect. You are christian, jewish, muslim, or "new age". You are repulican or democrat. You are Red or Blue. Individuals who demand they are not a number will be made to fit or simply pushed to the margins. We have no room for an individual. We have no place for you.

And yet hear we are. Each of us a unique and special snowflake. No wait. That doesn't work either. Loose the notions of lables and cliches. Who are you? Step out of the catagory and out of line. Push the comfort zones. Rebel against your self and ignore the expectations of the world. Become who you are and think. Think the thoughts your not supposed to. Think about the why an think about the who. Start a revolution. overthrow your own world at least. Be nothing and everything. What ever you do dont be what the world tells you to be. Be who you tell you to be.

just a notion there.

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