October 5th, 2005


~*~Result nr 4~*~

Your power is: Super Strength

Explanation: Your gift is rather self
exlainig. But to clear things up, you have been
given a power that makes you extremly strong.
This is of course speaking in pyshical terms.
When doing good deeds the power could be used
as helping people in e.g. fights or those under
a fallen building etc. For bad purposes the
power could simply kill/beat anyone until the
gifted gets his way.
You are however as a person on the good side.
You are the leader type and have a tendancy to
look at the whole picture rather than details.
That could make you come off as inconsiderate,
but that's far from the truth. You can be
impulsive and aggressive but you mean no harm
with it. Sometimes it can even save you. If you
were to be in a group with others who have
super powers you would be focusing more on them
and the situation rather than yourself. So to
even it out, you can be egotistical at times,
but it's because you ignore your needs every
once in a while. You are responsible and brave
but could still be seen as reckless.
Negative aspects: Since you focus on the
team/family/group of friends you could start
thinking that they don't care about you since
they don't seem to look after you the way you
do to them. Also you could intentionally
endanger yourself (even in everyday life) when
doing descicions without thinking it through
that much. But a leader with more sense of
responsibility does not however come off as
reckless, but logical.

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To those who may be interested. My interview was at 10 this morning. I think it went reasonably well. It was for the supervisor position in Gametap, which is a new service that provides games for download. Our call center is handling their tech support. It actually looks like a pretty nice service. Anyways it was amusing for the first time I can remember being a gamer was a benefit, at least as per my interviewer.

oh well i will know later who got it.