October 18th, 2005

blast from the past

well i thought i would resurect a 2 year old meme. I was reading old post's and i liked this one so i thought i would try it again.

"Add a comment to this journal telling me what you remember about first meeting me (online most certainly counts; if you have a choice between online and in person, I'll request the most amusing :-) I'll respond to each comment with my memories of you.

And, of course, if you like it, try it in your own journal."

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any bets on how long before this gets hacked?


Nintendo in McDonald's wi-fi deal
Nintendo has joined forces with McDonald's to offer free wireless internet access in the US for its DS handheld games console.
The service means McDonald's customers will be able to play selected DS titles against other gamers around the globe.

Rivals Sony and Microsoft already offer online gaming on their game consoles.

Nintendo's online gaming service is due to be launched in the US on 14 November, and then in Europe on 25 November.
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