November 1st, 2005

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"for the love of god Montressor!"

just felt like saying that.

Halloween at work seemd to crawl by. Did not do the devil again. For one thing I left my red cake make up and horns in atlanta. For another oh my god it is a lot of work to do at 7 am. I did go in garb though.

I am still giddy about the last party. It was so much fun and everyone was amazing. When the party theme is halloween in hell being the devil is the most fun. It was a lot of fun hanging out with me peeps.

Started the National Write a Novel Month competition last night after midnight. in an hour and a half I wrote about 1000 words. Almost enough to make me think I could do this. It helps to listen to the Serenity soundtrack.

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Okay for those paying attention to washington right now.

Standing Rules of The Senate


1. On a motion made and seconded to close the doors of the Senate, on the discussion of any business which may, in the opinion of a Senator, require secrecy, the Presiding Officer shall direct the galleries to be cleared; and during the discussion of such motion the doors shall remain closed.

2. When the Senate meets in closed session, any applicable provisions of rules XXIX and XXXI, including the confidentiality of information shall apply to any information and to the conduct of any debate transacted.

and Reids comments can be found here...

Washington, D.C. -- Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid delivered the following statement on the floor of the U.S. Senate calling for a secret session of the Senate.Collapse )

My opinion is that this is perhaps a gutsy move cause if it blows up he will go down for it, but to be honest I wanted there to be real hearings about this sort of thing for a while now.

Now we see if Reid is another political hack or has the balls to push this.