November 22nd, 2005

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It is way to early for me to be up but I have some sinus problems and it keps me from getting much benefit from the machine. I took some nyquil so maybe that will clear up and I can get some more sleep.

I got my newer car now.

A deep green 2000 saturn station wagon. I am used to a little more room when I drive but I do like it alot. I have this mysterious thing called cruise control now. I tried it out on the way home from dinner with mom and tim and the gang. We all went to famous daves and a good time was had by all. anyway my nice little car also has the nifty keyless entry and tail gate. i have never had such a thing. Now I will be paying 150 a month for it for like 4 years to tim and mom. Not the best solution or the one i would have lied but really the only one available. It was great of them to do this. I hope they get how much I do appreciate it.

I will be doing the trumps meme later today.

till then ciao.

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I am working on the trumps meme Avereaya came up with. I thought i would start with the darker aspect.

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Still to come

The Warrior
the Proffessor
the priest
the worker
the hermit