December 27th, 2005

favorite bit of a bad movie

I am not a fan of the movie thin red line. It had beautiful visuals and nice bits here and there but the story was not cohesive. It was just a jumble of little vignettes. It was the cinematic equivilent of a poetry collection. But I di love this one bit spoken by the spirit of a dead japaneese soldier. It speaks for me a great truth about war.

from the movie The Thin red line

Are you righteous? Kind?

Does your confidence lie in this?

Are you loved by all?

know that l was, too.

Do you imagine your sufferings will be less
because you loved goodness?


This great evil.

Where's it come from?

How'd it steal into the world?

What seed, what root did it grow from?

Who's doing this?

Who's killing us?

Robbing us of life and light.

Mocking us with the sight
of what we might have known.

Does our ruin benefit the Earth?

Does it help the grass to grow
or the sun to shine?

ls this darkness in you, too?

Have you passed through this night?