January 2nd, 2006

Okay this just uber geek, but what the hell.

Having played Shadowrun 4th edition this past weekend, I have it on the brain. I have played that game since the first edition came out. I love the setting. It is frigging awesome. The 4th edition makes some system changes that appear at least on the service to be very nice as the games weakness was the system it's self was a little unwieldy.

Anyways this put me in a mind of running it sometime up here in Knoxville. But I came up with this great idea for a game character creation concept. People will make characters based around their lj handle as their street handle. This is not to say they are playing themselves. It means they take the lj handle and come up with a story and a charicter in that world based on that name. That alone could be alot of fun.

What kind of shadowrun charicter would have your lj name?