January 19th, 2006

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For the those who have not seen other post's and are chomping at the bit to find out. Seth Alan(sp?) Miller was born at 8:25 weighing in at 8 pound. David Toennisson was born at 6:48 am and weighing 7 pounds and 11 onces. Welcome into the world kids. From all reports so far both the kids and the mothers are fine.

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Navajo Blessing for a
Newborn Child

"Today, we are blessed with a beautiful baby

May his feet be to the east
may his right hand be to the south
may his head be to the west
may his left hand be to the north

May he walk and dwell on Mother Earth peacefully
May he be blessed with precious, variegated stones
May he be blessed with fat sheep in variation
May he be blessed with respectful relatives and friends

May he be blessed with the essence of life in old age
May he be blessed with the source of happiness in beauty
We ask all these blessings with reverence and holiness

My Mother the Earth
My Father the Sky
My Sister the Sun

All is Peace
All is Beauty
All is Happiness
All is Harmony"