January 31st, 2006

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The thing I hate about being broke all the time is not the not getting the things i want. I am used to not having the things I want. I have been that way for most of my life. No it is the owing money to people. I hate that. Not that I am angry at those i owe money to. I owe money to my mom and Tim. I owe money to Guy. I owe money to my grandparents. When my hide has been on the line they all stepped up and paid to keep my head above water. I love them for all the help they gave me. I hate having to ask for the help though. Anyway you cut this I am going to have to ask my family for help again. I cant afford to pay the rent, my insurance, and fix my car tommorrow.They will help I am sure. They are good people and they love me. But I hate having to need it.

I have had some very good friends(read aveareya and biff_roco) drive into my head that sometimes you need to just ask for help. I get that but the thing I hate most is being a burden on anyone. This is my frustration. Sorry i am angry right now. I will get past it. I dont like it is all and there is nothing right now I can do to change it seems. Damn.

I am going to bed now. Perhaps if i am lucky i will be struck by lightening in my sleep.

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So I got the car down to the dealership. This is a good news bad news situation. The good news is the pcm is not dead and the repairs will cost far less. They determined that the wiring harness to the fuel injectors had beeen run wrong. They corrected that and it should correct some of the issues. They also replaced the crank sensor and my gas cap. It still needs an egr valve. They ordered that and I will need to return for that to be installed later. The car is mostly fixed though it will still have a problem till I get that last part. My grandparents got the repair cost. I still am not happy about the whole situation but it is much better than it could have been.