February 9th, 2006

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So my day at work was despite aveareya's insistance, today was stressfull at work. Quite nearly got writen up for attendance. I dont need that right now. I pointed out some mistakes the supe had made so they backed off. That and some bad calls made me have a lousy time for a while. Then it started to snow. It is amazing to me how much the sight of snow will make me feel better. I love snow. It does not look like it is enough to shut anything down but it is snow. white on the cars and on the grass. I like snow.

oh well it takes all sort of things to cheer people up. For me it takes snow in the south.

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What is yours?
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Culinary: captain Crunch The texture of it and the sweetness of it is great. In my youth I would eat bowls of the stuff till it messed up the roof of my mouth.
Literary: X Wing series Yeah they aint great literature. Yeah there are some serious cliche flying around. I still love them for the solid adventure fiction it is. It is equivilent of Flash gordon serials.
Audiovisual: Dragonball Z Dude it is the ultimate in cheese. They spend three episodes talking about how bad they are then they blow up a planet to prove it. How could I not love it.
Musical: Aqua Barbie Girl and Candyman are just fun. The rest of their music is actually far more creative than you would expect.
Celebrity: Keanu Reeves AM I the only one who actually likes this guy. I think it is very trendy to hate him but I like his stuff. Sue me.

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