February 11th, 2006

a few random notes.

So I just emailed one of the people working at Amundsen-Scott Station. I asked them how one gets a job there.

Just saying.

I think my mom may have Hemochromatosis She has had constant problems with her body since before the age of 40 and has reported to me she has been told a few times in the past her iron content was two high for blood donation. I heard Mur Laferty talk about it and sounds like something she might want to check.

BSG made me angry. it was still strides better than anything else on the air but damn it i likes that guy.

SG Atlantis on the other hand was better than most of the ones this season.

I have so many ideas in my head it feels like it might explode. Boom!

I don't want millions. I mean that would be cool. But I have decided i don't need or really want to be all that rich. Being rich has only the appeal of all the cool stuff I could do for my friends. No all I really want is enough money that I am comfortable. I want to pay my bills and have money left over in the bank. I want a home. I want to occasionally take vacation. I dont want to owe money to people.

I think Wil Wheaton is freakin cool. Just saying.

I just like the word Frak.
Fraking up. Frak you.

Okay I just like the word so sue me.

damn it i want snow.

If i argue with you it does not mean I dont like you or even I believe what I am arguing. I learn alot from arguing. I like arguing.

I miss my dad.

I miss my lack of fear. I am not scared of people or anything so droll, just afraid of falling.

I think when al my days are doe i can say that people can say i have been a nice person. They will say i was a thoughtful person. They will say I am a strong person. They will also say I was a sad person. Can we skip the last one? Truth be told i want to say only that i was a good person.

um...so life, despite what you may have been told does not get easier. You just get stronger.

okay I am done rambling right now.

later my peeps.
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