February 12th, 2006

more nifty changes in the world.

so here in the 21st century it has become far easier to get things published. Self publishing is no longer something done with a Kinkos but actually something where you can get slick looking fine publishing. Now the serious writer might want to avoid such traps. Getting a self published book seriously carried in most stores and getting real exposure may be futile. But you can convievably get them in at Amazon. Now this is a solution that I think some locaL Larps i can think of(hint hint) could use this is a somewhat cheap and high quality means of getting their rule books published.

The most reliable one i can find for doing this is http://www.lulu.com/ . Lulu operates not unlike cafepress in how you operate it. It is easy and you can set your own profit margin.

Now another thing I found that was pretty freaking neat is a product coming from http://www.blurb.com/ . Blurb is less versatile than Lulu. It specializes in the "coffee table" format for books. They make very pretty books that are formatted to be done with full collar images. They have a new product coming out this year called the blog book. I an think of some friends, cmpriest and zeppo come to mind, that would make some really good blog books. The only downside with these books is it pay up front and resell. Now they will keep your book on file and you can have them printed as you needed so conceivably as you get orders you can order som new ones made and just send them to wherever you need them sent. Lulu is better at this. What Blurb does appear to do batter is making design and layout much easier. They use their own software and preset templates.

anyways thought people might be interested in this.