February 19th, 2006

thanks to stagefreaky


a friend of showed me this. if you like writing. this is very neat. it is a sort of writing exercise. very neat. The idea is you write for sixty seconds on a single word. For instance I wrote the following on the word hush.

the hush that follows the storm.
I love that.
A gentle silence for the soul.
a soft whisper of nothing for your heart.
I love the hush of the night.
I love the hush in you.

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so I just posted another episode of radio free eos. I learned a few more things on sound editing while producing this one. Specifically about noise cancellation. It is interesting to play with but I would prefer to do as little as possible as it has a tendancy to make the audio of me speaking sound more computer and less natural. I will need to work on trying to cut down enviromental noises. But the new episode is up and it looks like I have 307 subscribers. That to me is neat as it is far more than even the number of people on my friends list here so i am looking at a lot of folks who dont know me listening.

Speaking of that i have auditioned for The Heimdall Chronicles as voice talent and hope to do some more voice work on other podcasts and build up some experience and a bit of a portfolio of voice work. I think I can do well in that.

oh well go to http://radiofreeeos.libsyn.com for my latest podcast or download it from itunes. I am anxious to here what you folks think. I have some interesting plans for this in the future.