March 6th, 2006

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Well I will have more of an update later but here it is in the short. On saturday i went to Josh and Steph's wedding in Chattanooga. It was a lovely small service. It was also one of the shortest services i have ever seen. I hung out at the reception for quite some time and saw many old friends. Later I went to a party at the imfamous villainous lair. The party was sort of a friends only after reception thing for Jim and Cherie. Only they could have a victorian goth theemed party after their wedding. it was nice seeing some folks I have not seen in a while there as well. And I escpaed with out an ass biting by Glas. Bonus!

Sunday I gamed with my pals up in knoxville and I think the game went well. Here I have posted some photos of the typical gaming crew.

Like I said I may have more posted later.