March 26th, 2006

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Okay first off this weekend was my distract my self from melancoly weekend. It was the 5th aniversary of my fathers death and I have been in an unpleasant mood all week. I may have been short with people and unresponsive. Overall i was feeling anti social. I decided this weekend i was going to do my best to be social and not think abouts dads death. i went to play cam changeling and mage saturday. They were fun. I had less fun with changeling cause it was mass combat thing and I feel mass combat in a parlor larp is always a mistake. but the story stuff of it was solid. The mage game was fun. I like playing characters like that. If you want to know what kind of guy he is think Alexander Zanatos from gargoyles or Lex Luthor from smallville. thuroughly smarmy evil and hard to peg down as ever doing evil in a way where he is caught doing.

today i hung out with Wayferny and ikara fox. They are cool people and i enjoyed my discussion concerning evolution and human technology. I later ran my Dawning Star game. It was a session where the heroes lost. A combination of missed roles and bad coices and a really clever and evil villain took away some of the toys the pc's had earned. The idea was supposed to lead them to some other story elements down the road but I may have pissed people off out of character by how it played out. Sometimes you do the story the way you see it and you dont carry the players with you and it makes people unhappy. It was not my intention and I may have dropped the ball. i am sad about that. I hope they stick around to finish where the story is going.

Oh well over all the weekend was not bad. I still missed my dad terribly and regret so much but I managed to distract myself with the company of friends.