March 28th, 2006

some random

What does it mean?

To view in silence the hearts of men. To see the hopes die and be reborn. That is the grace of windows.

Digital confessions may be easier but does not mean it wont sting.

I am not certain believe in love in first light. Love takes time to my way of mind. I have never been in love. Passion on the other hand I have confussed with love much to my folly.

A content and silent man is not always sad mearly thoughtfull.

I try very hard to mellow. So far it is still a work in progress.

Life is a work in progress.

To much truth can hurt almost as much as a lie. I would still rather have that than the lie.

I wish heroes were real.

There are voices i wish to meet.

I need a real vacation.

I need a storm. Wind, driving rain, the flash and thunder. I really need one of those.

Warren Ellis is a good read but you dont want him writing your biography. This could be a be bad sign.

Why do i feel better playing a villain? Anyone got a villain for me to play more often?

Happily ever after takes work. The storybooks lie.

I am not sad.

I wish you all could see the world through my eyes some times.

More to come, but there always is.
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who says the meek win.

This is particular geeky of me but I am posting an excerpt from a dragon magazine. It made me laugh out loud at work.

So here we are and here we remain, defending our home against adventurers on a daily basis and woryying about the survival of our tribe, Wait, did I say "worrying?" Why should anyone worry?After all is it even possible for adventurers to destroy a kobold tribe that has survived a millenium in this haunted crypt through determination courage, and rapid breeding alone? Sorry, I dont have time to answer that question. I'm to busy stamping the the chieftan's seal on a pile of death certificates.

Killing kobolds has always been an obsession for adventurers, or at least a really bad habit. Some days it seems a kobold cant place a piece of quartz on a stool without an adventurer slaughtering him, stealing the quartz, and setting fire to the stool."