March 30th, 2006

okay does this sound convincing....

Just checking to see if this soulds persuasive enough...... I should be sending it to the scifi channel people.

So first off this is going to have so plugs for some of my favorite podcasts.

you are duely warned.

So there used to be a show on SciFi Channel called scifi buzz. It was early on in the channels run and they had decided to have a scifi topical news show. Sort of like the scifi channel news feed on their site now. It was a hosted affair and as well as covering some news bits it had sort of feature stories on different subjects. They covered scifi and fantasy news over all in a pleasent manner.

They also had a regular commentary by Harlan Ellison. As Harlan is one of the most contentious and controversial writers in scifi this was also good for a hoot.

Sadly the show did not last. At the time the audience of scifi was still relatively low. They were still showing reruns of the original Batllestar Galactica, Buck Rodgers and single season run shows from the 80's. Scfi Buzz and a couple of other informational and novelty shows were the extent of scifi's in house productions. They did not have Stargate, farscape, the new Battlestar, the invisible man, first wave or any of their inhouse shows. Hell they did not have their inhouse movie productions either really. This was back in their stripped down days. The audience was just not sufficient to support scifi buzz.

Jump forward.

Scfi channel has gone on to actually be a successful network with several in house productions and millions of viewers. The scifi and fantasy fields in general are on an upswing and nolonger strictly the perview of the few isolated fans but is practically mainstream. Scifi shows like The new Battlestar Galactica are getting critcal acclaim and a large viewership. The time is actually right now for the sort of show that SciFi buzz was, however you need to look to the new frontiers to make it new and interesting.

Welcome to the 21st century kids. The new and exciting test ground for new media has come about in audio and video podcasting. In simply audio format podcasting has become a phenom. Shows like This week in Tech get a listenership measured in the hundreds of thousands. Into this new field is the niche oriented stars. One of the most successful9if not the most successful) is Michael and Evo's dragon page umbrella of shows ( Specically I am speaking of Slice of Scifi ( This weekly show is a one stop shop for news about scifi and fantasy media(tv, movies, and eccetera). They are witty and entertaining and complete with their already large listenership through podcasting and sirius satelitte radio. They have been known to get a number of scifi celebrities on their show for interviews. I think an excellent investment for scifi channel is to produce a slice of scifi tv show. Make it an hour or so a week where they can due the shows with familiar and new features. Of course they would have the latest news on shows, movies and books but also be able to perhaps show a new tech toy or two. The material is out there and these guys have the sort of bold personalities to make this concept work. I think it would be a real missed opertunity for scifi not to take advantage of these guys and add them to the regular rotation. The advantage of course is they would require very little in set up and production costs as opposed to the out lay of even one of the movies of the week.