April 2nd, 2006

to whom it may concern....

So some of you figured correctly and some of you did not. Yesterdays announcement was a prank. A bit of april fools chicanery.As with most good cons/grifts/stories/jokes/lies it was constructed on a kernel of truth and played out to it's full extent.


I am still a larper and i hope to continue to be for many years to come. It is my favorite way to waste time on a weekend. It is my way of seeing friends i dont get to see everyday. it is my place to release myself from the real world. It is something I enjoy and brings me happiness. I dont plan on quiting any time soon. While I have decided not to play mortimer I am still planning on staying in larp.

It was my attempt to get into the annual holiday. I have seen a number of good jokes over the years by my friends. I figured this year was my turn to take a swing at it. If I offended anyone I am sorry. Mearly may attempt at humor. To those of you who bought it you were not alone. To those of you who didn't congratulations. May next years set of jokes catch me? maybe. I have been caught before myself. It is a holiday that strongly encourages you to not take life or yourself to seriously.

I hope everyone had some fun with it. If not then I guess someone else will have to do a better job next year.

Good night folks.