April 23rd, 2006

moment of geek.

played hoshiadam's D&D game tonight.

I got to save the day.

Got to perform a miracle.

dude. i win this round.

Evil and I are going to go the full fifteen, but this one was mine.

heh. Today was good day. not just for that but that was nice cherry on top.

for those interested....

Episode five of the Radio Free Eos is now up. I finished it up this morning. You should be able to get it through iTunes or by going to the direct site.


this episode....

1)correction from previous episode.
2) the debate over the future of the space program of the republic.
3)Scandle in the Eos Baseball League
4)Eos Freedom League recovers experimental shuttle.
5)Darkling cattle mutilation.
6)Dawning Star University orchestral season.
7)attempt made on Pathfinder.

enjoy i hope.