April 25th, 2006

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I joined Ipac, a political action commitee oriented towards dealing with technology issues from the consumer rights and privacy rights stand point. thought I would share this bit they sent me yesterday for those who are interested.

Jake Fisher
<info@ipaction.org> to me
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Many of you have seen or heard about the new amendment to the DMCA being sent to Congress by the Dep. of Justice. We've gotten a copy of the proposed bill and it's worse than we could have imagined.

This is a concerted effort to escalate Hollywood's war on America by creating a generation of criminals and sending them off to jail. That's right: the "Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2006" (IPPA, link to bill below) would double the authorized prison terms for existing copyright infringement, create a host of new offenses, and establish a division within the FBI to hunt down infringers. The Members of Congress in the pockets of the Hollywood cartels want to divert $20 million a year and FBI agents from fighting real criminals.

Now is the time to fight back and prevent this from passing. This is the epitome of bad policy, and it's a direct result of the Hollywood Cartel's influence in Congress.

You can join the fight by calling your Congress member or your Senator (links to contact info below). Tell them that you will not vote for their reelection if they do not publicly denounce this bill. Please take notes on your conversation -- including the name of the staffer you talked to -- and post them in the comments section of this post:

IPac will be making this an issue in the 2006 elections, and we need your help to do it. Please consider donating or volunteering.


Donate to IPac:

Call your Senators:

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Read the entire bill here:

Read an article summarizing its provisions here:

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because the missing of days do to pink eye was 5 days before the 30 day period after getting a writen warning for the same condition making miss some days, I am now on a final writen warning. On top of that I am on a critical violation warning because I reversed the order in which the phone numbers were put in our database. they were put in but I had them reversed apparently. I hate my job most days. Today especially. If I have another critical violation or an absence in the next 30 days I am fired.

time to dust off the old resume.