June 16th, 2006

(no subject)

So now my geek woes.

I have been trying to put back together the Dawning Star game I was running but it has completely fallen apart. There really is only one person seemingly intersted in playing at all. My usual crew has sort of fallen apart gaming wise. Half of them have moved away and are concerned with child care issues. I am iritated cause I really enjoy the setting and want to play with it. The star wars game also likewise seems to have not much interest either.

No one is currently running a role playing game up here so we are remarkably role play light. The shop I know of that has space for a game is a half hour away. This mildly iritates me. Board games are okay I suppose. Computer games have there points. But I am a role playing geek I am midly irritated that has gone away.

Note: This is in no way indicating am mad at the folks who are in my gaming group. I just wish things were different. No ones fault and no one to blame. just grumbly about it.