July 11th, 2006

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works been eating my brain.

I hit the new gym for first orientation work out. the trainer was nice. the sales people though were uber pushy trying to sell personal trainer time which was one of the things that turned me off on the place the first time I checked them out. yes it would be nice to9 get personal training but I cant afford the extra money it costs. better to set me with a plan and stick with it. Still I did get i decent work out this morning. I have that my legs are vibrating thing going. 10 minutes on a bike, 5 minute on an eliptical, and 10 minutes on the treadmill for cool down. not bad for not having been in a few months. Thursday I go back for part two in orientation concentrating on the strength training. Truth is i love strength training. It is something I dont feel inadequate while doing. Cardio is needed but I always feel like a wuss not going faster or farther.

oh well about time to clock in. I can tell my legs will hurt from the eliptical tommorrow. I still need to clean out the car and make a focus. busy mccoy.

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Okay I am a big fan of avatar the last airbender. This show on nickelodeon is about a sort of ambigous asian world where there is elemental magic tied to the four elements. The avatar is the only pone who can use all four magics, the rest are limited to just one. The fire nation does firebending, the water nation does water and so on. It is a surprisingly well writen show for a kids adventure show. the animation is good and the world is interesting and engaging.

Anyways I know I am not alone in enjoying the show so I thought I would share link. I found a guy who put up a bunch of behind the scenes comercials and the like. in particular 4 little shorts how they created the four bending styles from four real martial arts styles. Interesting stuff.