July 24th, 2006

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okay so I just saw this and thought I would share it. This guy was an excellent acter and most of my friends have seen the films he was in. Everything from Conan to the Big Brawl to the voice of Aku from Samurie Jack or Unkle Iroh on Avatar the last airbender. He is on of those guys they got to play the wise old asian guy whether it was martial arts or what ever. It makes me sad he is dead.


Mako, 72; Actor Opened Door for Asian Americans
By Jocelyn Y. Stewart
Times Staff Writer

July 23, 2006

In the early days of his acting career, when most roles offered to Asian American actors were caricatures or stereotypes, Mako took just such a part and used it to open the doors of Hollywood and Broadway to others.

In the 1966 film "The Sand Pebbles," he played the Chinese character Po-han, who spoke pidgin English, called the white sailors in the movie "master," and treated them as such. But through the power of his acting, Mako transformed Po-han and compelled the audience to empathize and identify with the engine-room "coolie."

The portrayal earned Mako an Academy Award nomination, which he used to continue his push for more and better roles for Asian American actors. Collapse )

general update

So I got a credit card. funny. I have no positive credit at all but Target actually aproved me for a cc. Their interest rate is hideous so I dont want to use it but there is a good notion to it in that I could build some positive credit. funny thing is that you cant pay your bill for your cc at Target stores. Convenient that.

I have had some slow load time issues with firefox. I decided to try out Opera9. Opera is nice and loads pages faster but it does lack some of the support for thing Firfox covers well. For instance the chat function on gmail. I dont think it will totally replace Firfox for me but it is pretty good and if I could work out how to get the functionality differences lifted then it could well be. I need a better computer. This one is pushing 5 years old. I have a decent mother board laying around so I just need to scroung some other parts.

The legs swelling has reduced and I am on industrial strength antibiotics. I hate clindamycin cause it leaves a metal tast in my mouth all day. Still the worst appears to have past though my leg still itches alot in the morning. I think by thursday I will feel it is safe to hit the gym again.