July 29th, 2006

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To those interested.

My grandmother came surgery okay. She had trouble coming out of the anastesia though so not with out complication I guess. But not to bad to expected for a woman of 89. It also turns out she had two broken ribs no one saw untill after the surgery. one of them was shifted as well so more pain there. They have fixed that. Now she is having kidney problems. Doctor says it is the toxins that get created when muscles heal. I am not sure of the biology on that, but apparently most folks fiolter them out pretty easy but grandma no so much. But that should hopefull pass as her system recovers. My aunt has been saying she thinks grandma had a stroke but so far no doctor has said this. She is tired and sore and having problems swallowing due to the surgery. She had some slured speach after the surgery but probably due to the morphine drip. Grandpa does not want her sent to a rehab center it seems. I think he thinks it is one step towards a nursing home, which he definately does not want. Moms coming in next saturday. I am worried that grendma and grandpa may get bullied into doing things they dont want to. Not that my aunt and uncle are bad people. They are just afraid and watching these people who were their parents looking more frail than ever. Oh well my brother is coming in on the 9th with his family. They are awsome and I dont get to see them near enough. Well anyways thats whats going down at this point.