July 31st, 2006


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so an update in brief. This weekend with friends and seeing beautiful dancing is the fuel to keep me from being crushingly depressed. I am in a down mood right now. Really down actually. I cant get a hold of anyone to find out if there has been a change with grandma. I am trying to keep the good times in my mind. That works right?


I went to the hospital after work and was there roughly 3 hours. GRandma is in a rough shap. She has a large section of her left arm that is purple from the blood clot damage. She is having audio, visual, and tactile halucinations.She is semi aware these are not real and it scares her more she is seeing things she knows cant be real and cant always tell. She grew more and more disoriented as time went on. the nurses had taken to putting a strap over her misection to keep her from getting up. The source of the halucinations is a bit of a mystery. Apparently she was much better on saturday during the day. This is after they gave her a large ammount of fluid iv and gave her a blood transfusion. She was lucid and reading the paper for a while after that. later that night she started having problems and by later this evening she was very disoriented by th time I left. I suspect it may be a blood or hydration thing based on the stuff I picked up from laura and the rest of the folks staying with her. Sadly the docotr on the floor would not be getting to her before we had to leave for tiredness. It hurts me to see her like this. Tommye Kelly, my grandmother, is a strong willed and healthy woman most times. She took no regular medication. Quite the accomplishment for a woman of 89. She is still sharped minded. She has some bad hearing issues, and maybe is not familiar with everything new but she is sharp enought to handle their finances, research genealogy of her family, help a friend run his campaign, and work on a computer. Now she is so scared and confussed. It hurts to watch.