August 15th, 2006

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To all my friends who love to write.

You should do NaNoWriMo, or nation novel writing month. It is in november. I would love nothing better than to have a bunch of us do it this year. I tried it last year but did not finish. Still the attempting is fun. The idea is to just write. Dont worry about the perfect words or phrases. Edit it at the end of the month. When you are writing that month in that short of time there is no time for polishing. It is all about just writing. The reason I mention it this early is alot of times the preparation to attempt to write a novel takes awhile (outlines, research, character write ups). I myself am still trying to come up with ideas for a while. I have contemplated doing a story based loosly on my grandfathers experiences in china during world war 2(something I wanted to write for a while now but may want to take more time on), or maybe a scifi story set in dawning star(would need to ask lee for permission), and a notion that originally concieved up as a larp. I had concidered writing something based on when dad died but I am not certain I can do that. Anyways I wanted to push the idea out there.